Difference between Magnetic and Sorotop Systems.

Here we discuss the difference between magnetic and Sorotop systems. For the Magnet and Sorotop, the calculation clearing (reset) system is different.

Magnet (Magnet style)

"Magnet" is our company's new method to improve the one-touch Soroban.
The spring and rivet parts are easily broken, so we instead have crank drive metal rods which separate when a lever is pushed and they reset the Soroban. Because of the magnet, the metal rods won't move if the button is not pushed; they're firmly fixed in the center. For Sorobans using the magnet, we use
the product name Magnet. Our company's Magnet one-touch style is now being chosen for 90% of one-touch Sorobans.

Sorotop (spring style)

The "Sorotop" is the traditional "spring style" one-touch reset for the Soroban. In the control button there is a spring and there are two metal rods held to the cross-bar (hari = 梁) by rivets. When you push the button, the metal rods separate and the 5-beads and unit-beads are separated, clearing the Soroban.
We've tried spring style soroban from various makers, but in using them, we found the spring part comes out easily, so we have strengthened the button.